[SATLUG] when will people learn?

Christopher Connell connell.christopher at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 24 09:57:47 CST 2011

Group me into that. 

I bought the Samsung Omnia 1 when it came out. Verizon offered me a deal and the phone cost $8 (normally $199 at time of purchase) and I got a $75 verizon credit card. I've never been able to do an update for the Windows 6.1 OS. 

The first time I gave up after 12 hours. Lucky it was a weekend and didn't count against my data usage. I've tried on and off with no luck. Tried after I read the BBC story.

 Been 10 minutes and my phone still says "Please Wait [ _ _ _ _ _[] [] [] []_ _ _ _]   It may take a few moments to connect and to check for updates available for your device."

Just finished: Connection to update server was not available. Check your data connection settings and ensure the device date and time is correct. 

It is MS you are just stupid.

PS the phone suffers from all the problems of the Windows Desktop OS. Especially: Freezes up and doesn't connect to make phone calls. 

The funniest thing I've noticed is the power management program. It prevents usage of certain features as the phone battery runs down. 

First the GPS doesn't work. When it gets down to one bar on the battery the most idiotic feature is that it can't make a phone call. A message pops up "The phone doesn't have enough power to complete this call please plug your phone into a charger"  <--- Or something like that. 

Shortly after getting I was disappointed, but when I got it it extended my contract by two years. After this august when my contracts up. I dropping verizon and this stupid windows phone.  


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