[SATLUG] CPU Fan - Lin. vs. Win.

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sat Feb 26 06:43:43 CST 2011

> I have a 2-3y/o Acer AMD64 (2G ram) SFF XP Pro desktop that someone
> has brought me to work on because it occasionally randomly shuts off
> after a period of time. Naturally I thought it was a fan that burned
> up, but after opening it up and letting it run, the fan was running
> fine.  However, after about 20 minutes the fan would start spinning
> really fast and loud and after a few minutes it would shut off.
> Since it was only being used as a gateway to Farmville they gave me
> the green light to do whatever I needed to do to get it working again.
> For S&Gs I decided to load Ubuntu 10.04.2 server to see how it would
> run on that before putting XP back on.  Well it loaded fine and ran
> fine for days without the fan kicking on.
> Tonight I attempted to load XP again and now I am having difficulty
> even getting the OS installed without it acting like it did before.
> Thoughts?
> BTW, as much as I would like to, leaving Linux on the machine is not
> an option.  I am just trying to figure out why one OS would affect the
> hardware like that and another OS would not.
> Eric


this is a stumper! Have you tried running a CPU or memory-intensive
application on your Ubuntu install to see if that would reproduce the
error? It is quite likely that the ubuntu idle state puts less stress
on the system than the windows idle state, hence you never reach the 
"trigger" state where the CPU overheats. Of course, it shouldn't overheat
either way. I think you need to run something for a while, like a number
crunching program, or something that will keep all the cores of this
CPU hopping for at least 20 minutes. If it causes the same problem
then on Linux I would check to make sure the cooling fan is properly
connected to the CPU and make sure it has some of the thermal conducting
grease between the CPU and the cooling plate. If this is not the issue,
please report back.


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