[SATLUG] when will people learn?

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Feb 26 10:40:08 CST 2011

Daniel Givens wrote:

> And while I'm at it, have you guys used the Microsoft products
> lately? Yes, there are bad ones. Same thing with everything else.
> Their server software is top-notch. I'm a Linux admin and I'll say
> that. I envy the MS guys for their resource governors in IIS and
> MSSQL. Apache and MySQL don't have that. A single user can tank a
> box. Also, the security issues in their server software are FAR fewer
> than they used to be. And Active Directory... oh, Active Directory.
> I'm not a proponent of Microsoft, but they don't deserve the
> treatment they get considering where they've come with their
> software. Even their business tactics seem to have changed to be less
> crappy, but that's probably because they don't have the same clout
> they used to have. Not to say that Balmer hasn't made some really
> boneheaded moves since taking over...

It's not as much their software as their business practices that's the 
problem.  I now feel the same was about Apple and Oracle and Sony as I 
do about MS.

   -- Bruce

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