[SATLUG] when will people learn?

mark mark at kandm-solutions.com
Sat Feb 26 11:54:02 CST 2011

> It's not as much their software as their business practices that's the 
> problem.  I now feel the same was about Apple and Oracle and Sony as I 
> do about MS.
>    -- Bruce

Same here, although I have not experienced much with Sony. I do remember
the ordeal with the rootkits in their CD's. 

For anyone that isn't aware Libre Office is an alternative to Open
Office and can be found at http://www.documentfoundation.org/ 

I do have some issues with their software though. Although it may be as
much of the type of users Microsoft has as the software itself. I hate
people constantly coming to me for virus/spyware/malware removals that
do not want to loose their files and are unwilling to take good advice
on how to prevent it from happening again. The niave assumption (given
to them by antivirus providers and Microsoft) by most PC users that they
are protected because they have antivirus.

I do give Microsoft some credit for trying to address what should have
been addressed long ago. Their vulnerability to malicious software and
the fact that people should not be expected to buy the operating system
then the programs they need and antivirus on top of that. I am referring
to Microsoft Security Essentials. I am confident however that Microsoft
has and will use it for other purposes as well, user monitoring and DRM.

The problem with the afforementioned companies is that their only
priority is making money. Not quality products, not honesty and not
making code open for independent review. I'm not sure about Oracle and
their code being open for review, I believe that some of it is for some
of their products but I'm not sure how much.

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