[SATLUG] when will people learn?

Peter Cross pjcrux at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 20:58:29 CST 2011

On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 5:22 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Geoff Edmonson wrote:
>  What are the logistics involved in getting the original OS out
> It is actually quite difficult.
>  I contend that they KNOWINGLY release bad software upon the public while
>> they look for an answer to their screwups.
> Management has to step in and set a deadline.  Marketing is a large
> consideration here.  If you leave it up to the software engineers, it will
> never be ready.  Really.
>  -- Bruce
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By no means am I a devout member of the Microsoft faithful, but lets argue
both sides of the coin here. As my former debate coach used to say "there is
consensus, and then there is not." I'm sure that I'll have a few eggs thrown
my way, let'm come.

While Linux is a community driven, volunteer supported (corporations too,
but few), it's gotta be perfect release type of belief system; Microsoft is
a for profit company. There are very few business models involving Linux
that are able to be self supporting through a support model rather than
through a product based sales model such as Microsoft. Bruce is absolutely
correct. For a profit driven company at some point executive management has
to say enough and set *the* *deadline*. Also, how many different companies
make hardware that is "Microsoft Windows Supported?" Ultimately there is
some piece of hardware that can run windows that a new release was not
tested on. Is this practice run rampant with little oversight or control?
Absolutely, I cannot disagree with this statement. Yet, this is not IBM, HP,
or Oracle that manufacture their own software that is tested on a specific
set of hardware that is manufactured by the same manufacturer (or
manufactured by another company in which the software resides on).

It's easy to bash something or someone when there is no one to defend it.
While this is a Linux mailing list how is this any different than when two
individuals were duking it out last year? Microsoft's efforts helped drive
the development of hardware by which allowed a computer in every home...
something in which we all take for granted everyday.

Again, Let the eggs fly. Yet yee without sin cast the first (egg).


Peter J. Cross
San Antonio, TX

"Experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions"
-James Madison, Federalist Paper No. 51

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