[SATLUG] Linux Software Gems

James Sundell zenbound at gmail.com
Mon Jan 3 15:21:00 CST 2011

Hello, SATLUG!

I always love coming across golden examples of open source software design.
Here are a couple of my favorite:

#1. Clementine: http://code.google.com/p/clementine-player/
Clementine is a fork of amarok and has made promising steps forward in terms
of usability, features, and ease of use. Comes in packages for Fedora,
Ubuntu, Windows, or Mac and some mobile devices.

#2. Pithos: http://kevinmehall.net/p/pithos/
Desktop Pandora client. Shows you 2+ songs ahead of what you are listening
to now. Missing a few features, but I personally had been wishing for
something like this for a while.

Anyone else have any up-and-coming software they love?

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