Re: [SATLUG] Changing the default pointer in Gnome (SOLVED)

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Mon Jan 3 15:56:08 CST 2011

Thanks James, yeah I tried those hi contrast but I wasn't pleased and while I am impaired I can still see fairly well but that default pointer was designed when we had 600x800 res they just get lost and having only B&W makes it way worse I can find that bright red fast.

Right I am considering installing 10.10 on my C-box that is planned to be my experimental box and keep my production projects on the server and B-box. That is a big reason why I try to stick with the LTS releases and I stayed with 8.04 till this upgrade.
Thanks again

Glad to hear you found a work-around, friend! I was never really happy with
10.04 of Ubuntu, personally. After doing more harm to my system with
tweaking then good, I decided to backup my important data on ubuntu one, and
install a fresh 10.10 install on new partitions via usb (super fast speed
with usb 2.0! Makes me want to try USB 3.0) and honestly I've never been
happier with a default install of Ubuntu.

Doing a fresh install will undo all customizations and trashing partitions
will cost you all data on them (except through partition/file system
recovery which is "ify" at best), so it's not something to take lightly.
There is even an option in apt-get that will perform a live install on
existing partitions. I had some DNS resolution errors when the sources
updated, and I never got the system to fully recovery (easier to just

You might want to look into themes for compiz. I have seen accessibility
options in there and know it has a handy zoom tool, I bet there are
high-contrast themes out there
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