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Robert Pearson e2eiod at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 17:18:17 CST 2011

On Wed, Dec 29, 2010 at 7:22 PM, Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com> wrote:
> Renee Dockery wrote:
>> Thanks for all the great input! It looks like I'll continue reading books
>> on
>> Linux for now, maybe spend some more time at the forums. The Open Source
>> Fest sounds interesting, too.
>> I thought studying for some sort of certification would help, but nobody
>> mentioned that. I guess I'm just making things more complicated than
>> necessary. (I do that from time to time.)
> I don't know what employers are generally looking for in the way of
> certification, but for me there are really only two that are meaningful, LPI
> and RedHat.
> http://www.lpi.org/
> http://www.redhat.com/certification/rhce/
> One thing to remember is that a certification can possibly get you an
> interview or actually in the door, but what you really know makes the
> difference between keeping a Linux job or not.
>  -- Bruce
> --

How would you rate LFS (Linux From Scratch) and BLFS (Beyond Linux
>From Scratch) for learning Linux versus LPI or RHCE?
The "official" LPI, RHCE certification costs are beyond my pocket
book. I would like to have the Linux knowledge.

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