[SATLUG] [OT] Why no cooling fan on older graphics card??

emon emon at lavabit.com
Fri Jan 7 11:30:49 CST 2011

On 01/07/2011 02:34 AM, David Kowis wrote:
> On 01/06/2011 12:01 PM, emon wrote:
>> Hi guys
>> I tried to google for this, but could not get any relevant answer. May I
>> am not googling right :-/
>> So here is my question.... I often noticed that the latest model of
>> graphics cards come in large packaging and have a huge heat sink&  a
>> cooling fan, so much so that the heat sink&  fan even blocks access to
>> the the PCI slot just below the AGP/PCIe card...., but as the model get
>> older (say by a year or two) the size of the packaging shrinks along
>> with the Board, heat sink&  fan. Sometimes the fan is completely done
>> away with.
>> As far as I can tell, the packaging is totally a marketing gimmick; but
>> I can't understand how they manage to shrink the circuit board, heat
>> sink&  the fan!! Surely it is still the same electronics&  it must
>> produce the same amount of heat!!
> As processes for producing chips improve, they're able to better
> dissipate the heat, and so the thermal production of the newer models of
> old graphics cards goes down significantly.
> Basically, they build better circuits, and so they don't generate as
> much heat.
> I think that answers your question?
> David

Yes you have got your finger right on the point :-)

If what you are saying is accurate, then it does really answer all my
questions.. Thanks for the update.

If I may ask for one last favor :-).... can you please post some links
pointing to this fact???

Thanks a lot again David (& everybody else)

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