[SATLUG] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Remote Desktop

Frank Huddleston fhuddles at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 11:03:09 CST 2011


    One issue I don't see being discussed about the original poster's 
query was the Remote Desktop app on the Mac. Sounds like, perhaps among 
other things, he would like to display and access the desktop of the 
Ubuntu computer on his Mac, using (perhaps) Remote Desktop.
After all, the documentation is telling him that's what it can do. But I 
don't know that Remote Desktop "speaks" vnc. I used to use a Mac and 
access the desktop of linux/unix computers using vnc, but I don't think 
the "Remote Desktop" app had appeared yet, and so I used to use an 
application called "Chicken of the VNC" on the Mac, so all the 
participant computers were talking vnc.
   Maybe the current Remote Desktop app is just Chicken of the VNC with 
a different name, in which case Andy could use it. But if it's not, and 
perhaps just intended for Remote Desktop interaction with another Mac, 
then I can see where it might not work for him, and he should either 
check, maybe on the Apple Forums, for information about using it with 
vnc, or use something like Chicken of the VNC for his client on the Mac.
   I hope this helps! Andy! You still there, Andy?

Frank Huddleston

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