[SATLUG] Re: Ubuntu 10.04 Remote Desktop

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sat Jan 8 11:18:33 CST 2011

> Greetings,
>     One issue I don't see being discussed about the original poster's 
> query was the Remote Desktop app on the Mac. Sounds like, perhaps among 
> other things, he would like to display and access the desktop of the 
> Ubuntu computer on his Mac, using (perhaps) Remote Desktop.
> After all, the documentation is telling him that's what it can do. But I 
> don't know that Remote Desktop "speaks" vnc. I used to use a Mac and 
> access the desktop of linux/unix computers using vnc, but I don't think 
> the "Remote Desktop" app had appeared yet, and so I used to use an 
> application called "Chicken of the VNC" on the Mac, so all the 
> participant computers were talking vnc.
>    Maybe the current Remote Desktop app is just Chicken of the VNC with 
> a different name, in which case Andy could use it. But if it's not, and 
> perhaps just intended for Remote Desktop interaction with another Mac, 
> then I can see where it might not work for him, and he should either 
> check, maybe on the Apple Forums, for information about using it with 
> vnc, or use something like Chicken of the VNC for his client on the Mac.
>    I hope this helps! Andy! You still there, Andy?
> Frank Huddleston

Yes, I can confirm that. Chicken of the vnc works fine on the mac.
vnc is the way to go for platform independent remote desktop.


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