[SATLUG] Monitor res in Ubuntu 10.04

James Sundell zenbound at gmail.com
Sat Jan 8 14:45:53 CST 2011


I did a google search over badname and xrandr to see if anyone else had a
similar situation and came across this:


Some people had success using a different name such as "1080i" instead of
"1280x768". From the looks of your xrandr output, you already do have a
resolution mode named 1280x768, so this might be the problem.

In another instance, the settings were already programmed and he just had to
-addmode and --output. Might be good to check around to see if anything
follows your situation exactly.

VGA1 is the name my system uses to identify my monitor on my system. Yours
could be VGA-1 or VGA2 or some other such combination; perhaps not even VGA
if we use a different cord to connect to the board from the monitor.
Furthermore if we have two monitors, they will have different names (most
likely and if both monitors are connected at the same time, that is also a
bit compliucated.. would likely require an xorg file, as has been previously

As far as having difficulty reading the scroll bar in certain resolutions,
it sounds like the scrollbar is being printed to a virtual pixel only,
beyond the scope of the monitors physical ability. (At least at that ratio).
Luckily, 1280 and 768 are really pixel counts and are tweakable to your
hardware's configuration. 1280 would be horizontal and 768 would be
vertical. Try cutting 768 down 10 pixels and play with it till your
satisfied with your screens visibility. There are limits to how far you can
tweak it at the same refresh rate, so dont cut off more then say 30 pixels
without running a cvt and adding another resolution mode.


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