[SATLUG] Ubuntu 10.04 Remote Desktop

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Jan 9 21:49:13 CST 2011

> I think you have me headed in the right direction.  :-)   Ssh doesn't seem to be the correct choice for me.  I checked the Unbutu Symaptic Package Manager and found vnc already installed: Vinagre (vnc client) and vino (server).  None of the other computers recognized the command "vncviewer," but I discovered "Tight Vnc" on the Puppy box.  It trys, but the connection is refused.  Still, it appears that it should work, when I learn how to do it.
> Thank you for the step-by step instructions.  That is exactly what a 
> casual user like me needs.  Even if I get the Tight Vnc working, I'll 
> have two more computers to go.
> Andy Pickens

Andy, I am not familiar with ubuntu implementations such as vinagre and vino.
There seems to be a bit of documentation available from the Ubuntu forums.
I don't know if they are vnc compatible, maybe an ubuntu user on this list 
could tell us. If they are, you should be able to use tight vnc on your windows
box and chicken of the vnc on your mac to talk to the vino server on the izzy 
machine. Make sure the vino server is actually running before attempting to
connect to it. You also will need to know what port it is running on. tightvnc
by default runs on 5900 + the display number, on Windows this is always zero.


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