[SATLUG] Looking for a multi-function printer

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:19:35 CST 2011

Henry Pugsley wrote:
> I like the HP  Office Jet multi-function line.  I have the 7555, which
> supports all of that except wireless, and the newer versions have wireless
> as well.  They also have the separate ink containers so you don't have to
> replace the print heads all the time.  Compatibility is great too ..  I
> actually have fewer problems in Mac OS and Linux than I do in Windows.

I don't have direct experience, but I saw a multi-function HP printer at 
Office Max the other day that was interesting.  It had wireless, but the 
interesting thing was that it said it used mail as a protocol. 
Evidently, you just use email to send to the printer and it works with 
phones, tablets, or any OS that supports mail.

   -- Bruce

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