[SATLUG] Ubuntu 10.04 Remote Desktop

Andrew Pickens wg5o at sbcglobal.net
Wed Jan 12 11:48:00 CST 2011

I have had a degree of success.  I've been able to bring up my Ubuntu 
computer from the Puppy box, which is the most important for me. When I 
pick "Tight Vnc" from the menu, I get a little window that seems to want 
me to enter a server address.  I couldn't work that.  But, when I open a 
terminal window and type:

  tightvnc (either IP address or computer name):0

It asked for a password, and that made my computer appear, and I could 
work on it.  F8 enabled me to quit.  There is a resolution 
incompatibility, with the Puppy's small screen, but I could push with my 
courser to move across the screen.

So the magic does work, once you find the correct incantation.

Thanks to all.

Andy Pickens

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