[SATLUG] Install's at the computer show

Nathan Oxhandler nathan at gvtc.com
Fri Jan 14 09:43:38 CST 2011

I have had several inquiries about doing installs at the computer show. There are many good and bad things that can come of this. If we want to try it out we should start slow and have a set of 'rules' that a person wanting some help must follow. 

1: We start by putting a bit on the SATLUG web site that if a person wishes us to help them with an install they contact us on the mail list. We start by limiting the installs to two per show, by reservation. 
2: The computer must be in full working order, we are not a repair shop. 
3: They tell us in the e-mail information about the hardware such as 'Brand Name', model #, Laptop, tower, processor, memory, available disk space, which distribution they want to install. They must have the installation CD's/DVD's for the distro, or donate $ to get them from our available media, or they can get them from the company that sells them that is normally at the show, his booth is toward the back near the food stand. 
4: Will the install take over the whole machine or do they want to dual boot. 
5: If they want to dual boot, prior to the show they must run a full check on the hard drive and a full de-fragmentation on the drive. 
6: They must be at the booth between 9 and 10 AM. 
7: They must bring with them all the normal items they will use, mouse, keyboard, monitor, touch pad, external drives, everything except the printer, scanner, fax. If they do bring these last items we will only work with these items once we have a successful install. 

We need to have the personal available to do the install, that means that we need more then just Don and I at the show. 


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