[SATLUG] Install's at the computer show

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 11:47:30 CST 2011

Nathan Oxhandler wrote:
> I have had several inquiries about doing installs at the computer
> show. There are many good and bad things that can come of this. If we
> want to try it out we should start slow and have a set of 'rules'
> that a person wanting some help must follow.

I can add that to the web site, but need to know the exact wording you 
want to use.

The site front page is a bit out of date.  I need to know the status of 
where meetings will be help to update to that.  If Don, Nathan, or 
Howard would review the full page and give me what needs to be updated, 
I'll be glad to do that.

I just need the text.  I can do the formatting.

   -- Bruce

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