[SATLUG] OpenSUSE & Scientific Linux fails to 'see' SCSI drives on install

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 23:26:28 CST 2011

Alan Lesmerises wrote:
> I'm trying to install a couple different distros on a system I recently 
> picked up (a SuperMicro SuperServer using a couple SCSI drives as the 
> primary HD's), but neither OpenSUSE nor Scientific Linux (supposed to be 
> based on "Enterprise Linux") 'sees' those SCSI drives when I try to run 
> the 'Install' programs.
> I searched the OpenSUSE forums and Googled the subject, but found a lot 
> of stuff unrelated to my problem.  The closest I found was a suggestion 
> to enter:
> insmod=i2o_scsi
> as a boot parameter during installation, but that had no effect at all.
> By comparison, when I tried to install Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop, it saw the 
> drives w/no problem at all, and I can boot-up into Ubuntu cleanly.

dmesg | lesss

in the ubuntu system.  See what driver is detecting the drives.

Then make sure that driver is installed on the other distro.  If they 
are boot drives, then the drivers may need to be installed in the initrd.

Personally, I prefer to build my own kernels without modules, but with 
the support for the hardware I know I have.  No initrd required.  YMMV.

   -- Bruce

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