[SATLUG] OpenSUSE & Scientific Linux fails to 'see' SCSI drives on install

David Salisbury david.salisbury at momentumweb.com
Thu Jan 20 12:25:36 CST 2011

 > Yes, the install DVDs boot just fine, and they go through their paces
 > normally, but they don't detect ANY hard drives at all (there are 2, both
 > SCSI).  They say something like "you need to install a hard drive" or
 > "no hard drives detected".

I've run into this problem with a SUSE Enterprise distro installation.  
The drives were on hardware RAID and the installer wouldn't see them.  I 
ended up finding a RAID driver on the Intel web site that I could pass 
to the installer from the menu at the beginning (don't remember what 
that menu looks like exactly, it's been a while, so I can't tell you the 
exact option).  I remember I put it on a USB stick and told the 
installer to look there for the drivers and after that it could see the 

Can you perhaps check your motherboard manufacturer's site and see if 
they have something?  But it sounds like if Ubuntu saw the drive then 
it's obviously "see-able".... can you perhaps find out what driver 
Ubuntu was using for it, and bring that driver over on a USB stick so 
the installer can see it?

HTH, I know I didn't have exactly the same problem you're having... at 
least sometimes knowing someone else had a similar problem with a 
similar distro can provide hope that a solution will be found! :)

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