[SATLUG] Looking for an OLD computer

Geoff Edmonson w5omr at att.net
Fri Jan 21 09:52:42 CST 2011

On 01/20/2011 07:21 PM, Ernest De Leon wrote:
> You would probably have better luck posting to our (sister?) list XCSSA (
> xcssa.org). There are plenty of users on that list with machines of that
> 'vintage'. :D
> I have an old IBM PC sitting in my garage that may fit the bill. I don't
> remember the model number but it has two 5.25 floppy slots in the front. I
> have no disks for it and don't even know if it boots. I'll try to get to it
> this weekend and get a model number for you. If it will work for you, I'd be
> glad to trade it for a little 'instruction' (more like discussion) in the
> art of HAM and a promise that you will never throw it away. I would rather
> take it back than know it went in a landfill.

Bring it with you, when you come to Schertz on Saturday, Ernest!

No better time or place to get instruction/inducted into the world of 
Ham Radio.


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