[SATLUG] Looking for an OLD computer

C P sargonemail at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 22:15:48 CST 2011

Actually, I think if you run FreeDos on a hand-held phone while
downloading/viewing a
few live-feed videos you might reach 286 speeds.  At least until your
monthly bandwidth
quota is exceeded. :)

Have you looked at gnuradio and OpenBTS?
Yeah, I realize this involves "new" hardward at least beyond 286 level but,
not doesn't have to be beyond 500MHz cpu level.

As long as you're not talking about maintaining original Fortran code
(punch card era '60-90's),
and the "fortran" programmer made good use of the OO features of
fortran; it's not to bad --
with cpp macro processing to eliminate the reserved character spaces
at the beginning of
each "punch-card" line. :)

It'd likely be easier to assemble a 'new' z80 computer from scratch
than trying find the appropriate cooling solution for a working 286.


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