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Tue Jan 25 02:48:48 CST 2011

> Distrowatch has a small article about IPv6 Day. They have a link to a test site: test-ipv6.com 
> Ran the test on both this laptop with Debian and my mini-tower with Win 7. Both showed my computers and browsers okay. My ISP is not. 
> Maybe we could do a meeting where we check Live CD / DVD distro's as well as installed and 'virtual' distro's and the installed web browsers. Then we could set something up to show off at the next Computer Show, April 9th. 


I'm moving today and had a guy from Time Warner out here hooking up my cable. I asked him about their IPv6 status. He told me they have a small test area here in town and plan to start rolling it out in small pockets at a time. That comforting to hear considering hosting providers are going to be running out of IPv4 addresses. Apparently, DOCSIS 3.0 is required for cable modems to support IPv6, so some older models will have to be replaced. 

It's funny (in that not haha sort of way) that everyone is scrambling now to get IPv6 rolled out. Mid-February is when the IP authorities are looking to run out. That doesn't mean they'll all be used, but there won't be any more to issue downstream. I've heard most likely by the end of this year/early next year, most providers will be tapped out. Let's hope we don't see a fragmentation of the Internet.

On a separate note, you can get a free IPv6 tunnel through several tunnel brokers. I personally use SixXS (http://www.sixxs.net/). I use AICCU on a linux box and then broadcast my subnet to my local network with radvd. All easy peasy to get setup. 

Hey Daniel, Since the list is so quiet and me ol eyes bout worn out please help me understand the IPv6/tunneling process, I can't seem to keep it relevant in my head.

I may not need to know, huh??  I think that as a simple user that only has to keep the 3 to 4 node LAN sys running I can just ignore it? I do have a vacumn since I simply bought a router on ebay hooked it up and it all worked WooooHooo... lol I don't think dementia is a trouble yet but I do not hav long term energy anymore, Oh well, I doubt that I can go much deeper than I am now where I suspect I need to study basic filing systems and how to use a boot sequence to change stuf.... 

Like rite now talking booting ... I am using a 2nd LAN box as my experimental platform, using a 200GB HD. I have several versions of Linux bootable. I have several questions but primary is the Grub menu. I would like to alter on any boot to rotate my hot project to the top so that even unscheduled boot gets the default booted ... but see Daniel ...I dunno how to ask Goog that. lol violins vibrate the air and despair fills the setting... sigh. Hopefully u will point me straight.

I wanna tell ya tho that I love the way u add relevant data when u answer at any level, I have certainly benefited from your effort, ...so big thanks.


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