[SATLUG] cron sudo task

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 13:18:44 CST 2011

Henry Pugsley wrote:

> Personally I would simply use an FTP client that supports scripted transfers
> or mirroring remote folders .. lftp and ncftp can both do this.  If you have
> SSH access and rsync is available on the remote server, that would be an
> even better option (compression, restarting, etc). You won't have to worry
> about special permissions or the mount failing and causing the whole process
> to bomb.  Failing that, my next options would be:

> 1) Figuring out fstab and allowing the user running the script to mount the
> filesystem
> 2) Using a sudoers entry to allow that user to run a script that will
> mount/unmount the filesystem (last resort)

Just getting files can be done with wget:

wget -o logfile -i filelist.txt -N

where filelist might be:



   -- Bruce

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