[SATLUG] cron sudo task

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Jan 26 12:57:41 CST 2011

Richard Suberg wrote:

> I'll look into these options again today. I just need to duplicate the
> entire directory structure I log into with the un/pw they gave us. The
> file names and subfolders change whenever they update their side.
> What's worse, there is no way to guess what the filenames will become.
> I don't see any relevant info in the names... The thing is right now I
> am up to duplicating almost 30 G of technical info scattered across I
> don't know how many folders...

Try wget --ftp-user=un --ftp-password=pw -Nr ftp://ftp.example.com

You may want to use the -nH --cut-dirs=# options

You may also want to put the username and password options in ~/.wgetrc

   -- Bruce

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