[SATLUG] OT: RAID setup recommendations

r3d91ll r3d91ll at grandecom.net
Thu Jan 27 10:14:10 CST 2011

> Consider this:  Enterprise raid factors in robust hardware replacement and
> availability.
> Without replacement hardware ready at hand or quickly retrievable,
> enterprise hardware raid, in my book, would be more of a deficit.
> Assuming you're going to use hardware raid based on the fact that you
> mention hot swap scsi drives, imagine that you have a controller failure, or
> a backplane failure, or mobo failure ...you could be without your data for a
> long time.
> Give me linux raid any day of the week instead.   If the server or
> controllers die, no problem, just move all the drives to a replacement
> server, which could be a $250 off the shelf built PC.  As long as it's scsi
> to scsi, sata to sata, or pata to pata.
> That's my two cents.
> e
this is true but as long as the equipment is relatively new a mobo,
backplane, or controller failure is pretty unlikely.  Hardware failure
on these items is rare.  Furthermore if you are doing backups (with
images) properly then re-imaging a hard drive should mitigate this

That said it is always a good idea to have these replacement parts on
hand.  An example: 

recently we had to switch one of out clients was having problems with
one of their on-board NICs and they requested that they be moved to a
new server. They were on a dell 2850 with a RAID5 setup on 6 drives, I
was able to move them to a new (relatively speaking) Dell 2850.  the
drives were recognized and I had the system up and running within a

As far as the RAID setup goes I would recommend a hardware RAID10 setup
with a hot-spare. This will give redundancy and allow you to be prepared
for a hard drive failure.


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