[SATLUG] So long.. and thanks for all the fish!

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Jan 29 00:07:20 CST 2011

Hey all.. 
I've really enjoyed SATLUG over the years... both as a place to help keep me 
sharp in answering questions.. and as a place to get questions of my own 
answered. While LUGS around other parts of the country are falling apart, this 
is a pretty great group of expert geeks. You guys really define what the FOSS 
community is all about (right down to the bi-yearly top-post/bottom-post war 
you all seem to suffer from... ;)

Anyway.. I'll still be around through late Feb.. and may eve n lurk after 
that. But if I fall away from the SA escene.. I'm sure you'll understand. 
There are several interesting green pastures in the land I'm traveling to 
(Blacksburg, Roenoke, SW VA area). There seems to be a good VTech LUG there.. 
some hard core Racker dev-types... as well as folks wanting to start up a 
Hackerspace.. So I should be right at home.

Anyway.. you guys are great. Keep on doing what you're doing.. and show TX 
that SA has some hard core geeks too. :)

Keep it up. :)

p.s. Oh yes.. in case you hadn't heard.. XCSSA will go on. Fredrik (the robot 
guy) was reverse dictatorially elected the new XCSSA president at our first 
Rackspace hosted XCSSA meeting. It sounds like a venue that we'll enjoy (with 
free food) for many moons to come. :) So stay in tune to the XCSSA list to 
find out what new directions Fredrik will be taking the group!

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