[SATLUG] Browsing problem I hope the braintrust can solve

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Sun Jan 30 17:04:13 CST 2011

> Greetings Programs,
> (Yes, I like TRON) Firefox stopped browsing most websites for me. I
> say most because I can get to the Sprint web site and the CPS website
> to pay bills, those are just two examples, but any link I click on
> from e-mail, and most of my bookmarked sites won't come up. Firefox
> will connect, and it will say loading, but that's a far as it will go.
> I've even left it overnight and no progress. I've got Ubuntu 10.04
> installed. The troublshooting I've done is ping any website I can't
> browse, with decent numbers returned all packets returned. I've done a
> trace route, and the results have a no return right as the packet
> leaves my router, with various other no returns through the route but
> it doens't stop the website from coming up on my other installations.
> Now, that occurs no matter what website I go to, whether I can surf it
> in firefox or not. I've got two dual boot machines, a homebrew
> desktop, and a laptop. the desktop has Ubuntu 10.04 and XP. The laptop
> has Ubuntu 8.10 and Windows 7 ultimate. The only issue is on the
> Ubuntu 10.04 side. Both windows and 8.10 Firefoxes surf just fine.
> that tells me that the mechanics are OK in both machines, there is
> something in the 10.04 Firefox that is messed up.
> I am truly stuck. I really like Linux, and if it weren't for my and my
> wife's job's being on Windows machines, I'd junk the windows side. But
> this has me stumped.

a couple of things to check:

1. does the same problem happen for each user on the Ubuntu box? If so,
the problem is with the firefox installation, and you may just want to
reinstall firefox after cleaning it out.

2. If some users are OK but others aren't, then it is a problem with
your local installation. In your home directory ($HOME), move .mozilla
to a backup directory:

mv $HOME/.mozilla $HOME/.mozilla.backup

then restart firefox and see if it works again. If so, delete .mozilla.backup,
if not, remove the new .mozilla and put the backup back into place:

rm -r $HOME/.mozilla
mv $HOME/.mozilla.back $HOME/.mozilla

Good luck, -Borries

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