[SATLUG] CUPS / adding a printer

Charles Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Mon Jan 31 22:40:22 CST 2011

That model of LaserJet is fairly easy to config with a static IP from 
the control panel on the printer.  It's been many moons since I've set 
one up, but it is fairly intuitive.  Just make sure that the address you 
use is outside of the the range that your router hands out.

On 01/31/2011 10:16 PM, Michael wrote:
> buddylee48 wrote:
>> Replace "hostname" with that ip. I would recommend making that ip static
>> since the printer probably is set up to dhcp right now.
> Yeah, I finally figured that out. I was confused by "hostname" thinking
> I needed the name of the XP box or something text.
> And you are right. It is setup on dhcp I'll look at my router's manual.
> There is a way to assign the printer the same address each time it gets
> turned out, I just have to dig through the manual.
> Thanks for your response. I appreciate it.

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