[SATLUG] OT: Android phone recommendations

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 21:39:11 CDT 2011

On 7/15/11 8:35 PM, Othniel Graichen wrote:
> The Sprint EVO works on the real 4G network -- not the me too 4G networks.
> It can operate as a wireless router for Linux laptops.  You cant get a 4G
> for
> a Linux laptop.  So a phone that duals as a hotspot is a plus.
> Nokia has a new phone which uses a Linux based OS to be released
> quite soon.  N8 or some such is the name.  or M8 "mate"
> dont know for sure.
> Smartphones are still not very smart.  YET.
> On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 8:01 PM, Alan Lesmerises<alesmerises at satx.rr.com>wrote:
>> It looks like it's time for my wife&  I to replace our cell phones.  I've
>> been holding off getting one of the smart phones until the prices came down,
>> and it looks like they're a bit more reasonable now.  The only real question
>> at this point is, which one?
>> For reasons that should be obvious for THIS group, I want to go with an
>> Android, but what kind of experiences have you had?  Do they all generally
>> connect with desktop PCs pretty readily, of are there some hoops you have to
>> jump through to get them to connect?  What about the differences between a
>> Windows PC&  a Linux system?
>> Any insight you can provide would be appreciated.  Thanks.


If you have waited this long I would wait a couple more months so that 
you can get one of the new dual core phones about to hit the market. I 
only know of one Motorola (Droid III?) that is currently on the market 
and they are on Verizon. In the near future almost all the phones will 
be dual core.

And is there a reason why you are only looking at Android phones? The 
Pre2 and soon the Pre3 run webOS which is essentially a web layer on top 
of a linux kernel. In many ways it is more open than Android. While 
there aren't any dual core phones in the pipeline, yet, the OS is 
certainly worth considering by the crowd on this list. They can also be 
used as modems on the VZW network, FYI, albeit at 3G (solid) speeds.

Besides the phone, when buying into a contract for a phone you have to 
decide which network you want to go with. Sprint has the best, by far, 
pricing models in the industry for smartphones, and they have the best 
4G service at the moment. That said, VZW also has a real 4G network 
worth considering, and their 3G service is very stable. Their prices, 
however, are about the same as AT&T, which is to say very high. It will 
cost you the most per month to go with VZW or AT&T. But you should stay 
away from AT&T, at all costs. Everyone I know has problems with dropped 
calls and slow data. I left them about a year ago in favor of VZW and 
the change in service quality is very noticeable. And AT&T doesn't have 
4G either, even though they claim to. Their 4G service (HSPA+ is 
actually high-end 3G) is affectionately called 'faux gee' and won't give 
you the speeds that LTE will.

Pretty much all the smartphone platforms will connect to the desktop. 
iOS devices use iTunes, obviously, but Android and webOS phones can sync 
with iTunes using DoubleTwist and HP has put together their own version 
of songbird as part of their 'HP Play' service/system.

I hope that helps. Like I said, I would wait for the industry to ramp up 
for the Christmas season (September-ish) for all the new hardware to 
come out. By then dual-core phones will be becoming the norm, Android 
will be moving to Ice Cream Sandwich (the merger of Gingerbread and 
Honeycomb), and the Pre3 will be out. Of course they'll be another 
iPhone by then, as well.

Good luck.


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