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Kyle Chrisman kyle at kylechrisman.com
Sun Jul 17 15:59:55 CDT 2011

Not to start a pride war amongst snobs or anything but I would actually like to know why you are throwing the iPhone baby out with the bath water.

I didn't buy an Iphone so I could hack it or because of some twisted hatred of a carrier.  I bought one because AT&T dropped the price to what a phone should cost... $50. The iphone is also really easy to use.  So easy in fact my wife could use it.

All carriers have problems.  Seems like when you boil it down, the 3 most important factors are is it easy to use, does it do what you want, and is the price reasonable.

Everything else just seems like a big pissing contest.

I really would like to know what the big hang up is with the iPhone.  Seems to me that it is exactly what your wife would be comfortable using... And you don't have to hack it to make it work right.

As far as I'm aware the Devil doesn't live in an iPhone.

Only thing I personally can concur with in this conversation is stay away from Verizon.  They will nickel and dime you to death and over charge for everything by like a factor of 2 or 3.

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On Jul 17, 2011, at 12:26 PM, Leo Midha <leoem at stealth3.com> wrote:

> On 7/16/2011 6:06 PM, gbear14275 at gmail.com wrote:
>> Just saw this... one example: http://www.techdirt.com/blog/wireless/articles/20110715/02212815101/verizon-tells-customer-to-get-lawyer-subpoena-to-get-itemized-bill.shtml
>> On Jul 16, 2011 5:37pm, gbear14275 at gmail.com wrote:
>>> The only thing I will say (from my personal experience) is stay away from Verizon. There network is good but their customer service is appalling! They are also VERY hack-UN-friendly. They are notorious for locking down phone features and then trying to sell them back to you. I recently switched to T-Mobile and it has been fantastic. Great speeds and network so far.
>>> My two cents I guess would be go with Sprint or T-Mobile. Verizon is expensive, greedy and draconian... I've heard the same about AT&T.
>>> --Garrett
> Sure, Verizon is "evil"... but T-mobile is pretty much dead - DT (T-mobile's parent company) is selling to AT&T (which is just as "evil" as Verizon).  Sprint is just barely getting better in Customer Service than it was 5 years ago.
> In my opinion between AT&T, Verizon, Sprint...  it isn't much of a choice.  Pick your which you don't like the least.  The regional carriers may have some Android phones.  They will not be as powerful as the prime carrier's selection, but at least they may not burn through your wallet as quickly.
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