[SATLUG] Re: OT: Android phone recommendations

Chad Lung chad.lung at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:31:35 CDT 2011

I'll toss my two cents in here as well.  I've used both the iPhone 3G on
AT&T's network and now the DroidX on Verizon's.  I use to love my DroidX but
unfortunately Motorola has dropped the ball on every upgrade from Android
2.2 and beyond.  The DroidX originally shipped with Android 2.1 and within a
month they offered an upgrade for me to Android 2.2 (most notably Flash
support).  I loved the idea of Flash on my phone at first but removed it
after a couple months as it just slowed any web surfing down on the phone
that I did.  Android 2.2 also took a bite out of my battery life as well as
the speed of the phone.

When Motorola offered the Android 2.3 upgrade it was downloaded over the air
(a 100+ meg file BTW) and then installed.  I've had nothing but issues since
moving to Android 2.3. My battery life used to be 5+ days per charge now if
I can get 2 days I'm lucky.  Search on DroidX and Android 2.3 and you will
turn up a lot of forum posts regarding outstanding issues.  My DroidX will
turn itself back on when I power it off (known issue), it constantly syncs
(known issue), and generally runs much slower.

So with all that said my advice is to check the public forums before making
any purchase and given my experience I won't ever buy another Motorola
phone.  Search on the phone you want and see what issues are out there.

As a side note I've found Verizon's network much faster than AT&T's network.
 I got rid of my iPhone 3G only because of the AT&T's absolute horribly slow
network.  It was so slow I couldn't even web browse or use the twitter app
90% of the time as it was too painful waiting and waiting for a response
from the network.

Long story short I like Verizon but have grown to hate Motorola and dislike
Android now.


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