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buddylee48 buddylee48 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 18 13:45:41 CDT 2011

I love my EVO Shift by HTC from sprint, it's small, but just big enough to
do anything i need it too. The camera isn't the best quality, but that's not
a killer for me, since I have a nice camera anyways.  I personally love
having a physical keyboard and if you don't need one the EVO is larger, (has
a better camera?) and only has a virtual keyboard.  If you intend to hack
your phone I really suggest HTC phones, they are wonderful imho. I remember
seeing an article that HTC will no longer lock their phones in the future,
so it will make it much easier to root and hack to your every whim (not
something the rest of your family might do, but useful for nerds like us).

I can't say my battery life is fantastic at all (maybe 3/4 day with 4G on,
couple days with 3G only), but on the bright side, the charger can easily be
carried in your pocket (its pretty small), and extended battery packs are
available with cases (if you're accident prone like myself). 3G in san
antonio is absolutely terrible imho, while 4G in san antonio is awesome when
you're not in a faraday cage (all UTSA buildings) or a really low valley. I
actually use my 4G connection for my home internet, I don't mind the
slightly poor latency (or maybe I'm just used to it). This phone is amazing
though, it is the only phone I know of (and has been demonstrated to me)
that can wifi tether, surf the web, talk on the phone, text, maintain and
ssh connnection, and take pictures all at the same time (granted as soon as
I opened up the camera things got slow :P). I would say if you plan to do
all that regularly (like myself), you might want to fab yourself a cooling
pad like I did, as this phone tends to automatically shutdown at 112F, my
cooling pad keeps my phone at a decent 80F and was built from 2 old case
fans glued together with a 5VDC ac adapter from some other unknown gadget
(maybe $10? if you didn't have those laying around).

Cody Lee

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 1:31 PM, Chad Lung <chad.lung at gmail.com> wrote:

> I'll toss my two cents in here as well.  I've used both the iPhone 3G on
> AT&T's network and now the DroidX on Verizon's.  I use to love my DroidX
> but
> unfortunately Motorola has dropped the ball on every upgrade from Android
> 2.2 and beyond.  The DroidX originally shipped with Android 2.1 and within
> a
> month they offered an upgrade for me to Android 2.2 (most notably Flash
> support).  I loved the idea of Flash on my phone at first but removed it
> after a couple months as it just slowed any web surfing down on the phone
> that I did.  Android 2.2 also took a bite out of my battery life as well as
> the speed of the phone.
> When Motorola offered the Android 2.3 upgrade it was downloaded over the
> air
> (a 100+ meg file BTW) and then installed.  I've had nothing but issues
> since
> moving to Android 2.3. My battery life used to be 5+ days per charge now if
> I can get 2 days I'm lucky.  Search on DroidX and Android 2.3 and you will
> turn up a lot of forum posts regarding outstanding issues.  My DroidX will
> turn itself back on when I power it off (known issue), it constantly syncs
> (known issue), and generally runs much slower.
> So with all that said my advice is to check the public forums before making
> any purchase and given my experience I won't ever buy another Motorola
> phone.  Search on the phone you want and see what issues are out there.
> As a side note I've found Verizon's network much faster than AT&T's
> network.
>  I got rid of my iPhone 3G only because of the AT&T's absolute horribly
> slow
> network.  It was so slow I couldn't even web browse or use the twitter app
> 90% of the time as it was too painful waiting and waiting for a response
> from the network.
> Long story short I like Verizon but have grown to hate Motorola and dislike
> Android now.
> Chad
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