[SATLUG] OT: Android phone recommendations

Geoff Edmonson w5omr at att.net
Tue Jul 19 08:31:08 CDT 2011

On 07/19/2011 08:17 AM, Othniel Graichen wrote:
> Neither one of you really answered the question:
> Given that you already have a nice laptop,
> would you *trade* it for a new smartphone.
> That is if you had to choose just 1.

I have a laptop.  I don't carry it with me wherever I go, because 
whatever I need to do on the internet, I can do on the phone.  Including 
remote connection to my server. (connectbot).  Besides, I don't need 
some $7.50/hr questionable documented worker getting close to my truck 
and all it's electronics, most of which are secured.  the laptop would 
just be 'laying about'.  No thanks.

Besides, I don't recall a question being asked.  I don't remember anyone 
saying I had to give up one for the other, and I wouldn't do that.

the subject of the conversation is what recommendations Alan could 
receive regarding Android OS based smartphones.

> BTW, most phone plans which include phone internet cannot be made to provide
> internet access to "real computers"  so we are talking 2 internet bills.

I don't have any problem with that.  If I opened up my phone, I could 
also use it as an Access Point for the laptop, so only one bill.

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