[SATLUG] Let the dispute begin

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 16:48:43 CDT 2011

Lance Schneider wrote:
> Good citizens of SATLUG,
> I am about to undertake a multi-boot/possibly a triple-boot of LINUX
> distros.
>    - I am considering a common partition for user-produced files . . .likely
>    a separate HDD.
>    - I am also aware (but barely) that the order of installation will create
>    issues or save me some with overwritten boot information, for example.
> With this at least in mind, are there any reasonably consistent views on
> number and size of partitions, AND a best order of installation of Debian,
> Fedora, Ubuntu?
> I have several 80GB drives available where I could run different distros
> from different drives and bundle the booting together with something like
> GRUB (I am speculating, here).

What you want to do is have a common /home for all the distros.  You 
probably don't need more than about 10G for each distro partition.  A 
common /boot partition is also useful.  For example:

sda1 /boot  100M
sda2 swap   2G
sda3 debian 20G
sda4 extended
sda5 ubuntu 20G
sda6 fedora 20G

sdb1 /home  All

   -- Bruce

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