[SATLUG] Let the dispute begin

Mark Mayfield mark at kandm-solutions.com
Tue Jul 26 19:36:21 CDT 2011

The only full on graphics acceleration I'm aware of consists of special
graphics cards which possess virtualization instruction support. The
Nvidia Quadro series are the only ones I'm aware of that have such
support. I think Xen posses some pci passthrough capabilities that can
be used to pass a physical video card, but the results I have read about
were far less than promising.

On Tue, 2011-07-26 at 13:05 +0000, Don Davis wrote:
> I too am curious. I run a lot of apps with chroot. VM's are useful for sandboxing. 3D graphics acceleration might be one reason to go beyond virtualization. Though I've heard that Xen supports full on graphics for all hosts.
> The question: (this is a real question - not rhetorical)- why the elaborate multi boot?
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> I agree.  Virtualization has totally eliminated my need to dual boot
> Todd
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> Have you considered a Xen hypervisor (or VirtualBox or ...) and then
> building any number of throwaway playrooms at will? Just a modest
> partition for Dom0, and a huge LVM warehouse for DomU crates of various
> sizes. One could even mount copies of your shared volumes in case the
> Puppy chews up the Fedora.
> I do something similar for a SATLUG demo box at the PC Show and Sale
> (coming Aug. 13!) It allows us to jump through several of the distros
> present or illustrate an install without worrying about stepping on
> anything vital.  --Don
> Lance Schneider wrote:
> > I am only complicating my life to become reacclimated with
> >several of the more popular distros and then I will likely sacrifice two for
> >the benefit of whichever proves most productive and useful to me. However,
> >in that interim, I would like not to have to constantly repair boot
> >partitions, etc.
> >
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