[SATLUG] The continuing saga . . .

Lance Schneider schneider.lh at gmail.com
Thu Jul 28 08:09:26 CDT 2011

Anyone have a genuine workaround for nVidia drivers failing to cooperate
under Xen kernel distros? The best suggestion I have come across so far is
to install a same source kernel without Xen and theoretically it will have
no difficulty installing the drivers. From that, I am allegedly able to
export the branch for the video with Xen support disabled into the Xen
kernel's installation and "magic shall ensue." This is more the desire to
overcome the stock vga settings out of sheer tenacity than necessity - but
I'm sure all of you understand . . .

A disclaimer: The reason I am entertaining most of this is to prepare a
local network equivalent to that which I will be using in an online college
course. The distribution in use will be RHEL 5. All of this preliminary
effort will pay dividends, certainly, but I would otherwise be installing a
lot less involved configuration, and there is always the matter of working
with what one has on-hand. I have a bit of a lead on this as the class will
not begin for another four weeks. (I am probably learning far more than what
the class will offer).

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