[SATLUG] OT: Panasonic Toughbook

Matt Graham matt.graham at rackspace.com
Tue Jun 21 11:14:38 CDT 2011

Does anyone have a Toughbook.  Preferably a CF-28, 29, or 30 series.   I am looking for an OEM optical drive w/caddy.

The Situation...

I've been running Ubuntu 9.04 on my CF-29.  While I was NEVER able to get the touchscreen working, this was the only version that the 3D composite graphics worked with so I've never upgraded.  All attempts failed and had to be rolled back.  Unfortunately it is now an unsupported version.  This was the nail in the coffin for the toughbook.

I have now decided to sell it and get something more practical with a little more power.  In order to do this I need to use the recovery disks I have to bring it back to stock windozeXP.  Doing the fully OEM recovery is the only sure fire way to get all the drivers working properly.  I have tried rebuilding from scratch and have failed every time.

The problem...

All external optical drives reject the Recovery CD's with error "This drive is not supported", though other OS install disks boot just fine.  I have tried a total of 5 different drives with the same results each time.

The Solution...

Does anyone have an OEM drive for these machines that I haz/borrow/buy/trade/etc?


Is anyone interested in buying is the way it is.  I am looking to get at least $400 for the computer and a whole mess of spare parts and accessories.

Let me know.


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