[SATLUG] Xoom Review

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Mar 5 21:48:20 CST 2011

Nate Turnage wrote:
> Sounds like a glowing review, Bruce. Sign me up. Not.
> I really hope HP's TouchPad (you know, the real open aternative and
> the only one with true multitasking) is better than this thing or
> I'll be joining the dark side and getting an iPad.

I'm sorry if I sounded overly negative.  The Xoom does multitask 
reasonably well.  It is also open source.  I don't think WebOS (HP) is 
open source.  I also suspect that the iPad isn't any better.

My biggest disappointment is the keyboard, but I'll bet that gets fixed. 
  Part of being an early adopter is dealing with these type of problems. 
  The apps will get fixed too.

Some of the other issues are inherent in a system of this size.  For 
instance, the finger is not as accurate as a mouse on any system.  You 
would have to compare systems side by side to see if there are really 
significant differences.  I doubt it.  It would simply amount to 
personal preference.

The biggest decision is to decide if you want *any* tablet.  You might 
want a smart phone instead (with a 2x3 screen, not me) or an even bigger 
laptop.  If all you want is something to browse the web and read email 
on the go, the Xoom is decent and it really does have the potential for 
a lot more.

   -- Bruce

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