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Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 19:06:52 CST 2011

On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 18:50, bryan at beicker.com <bryan at beicker.com> wrote:

>  What phone can I get WITHOUT a data plan that
>> supports wifi, skype and scp/ssh?
> I have a Nokia N900 that I'm using with the AT&T GoPhone service.
> With GoPhone, you have 2 basic choices:
> 1) 25 cents per minute, 10 cents per text
> 2) Unlimited minutes/text for 1 dollar per day (only on days you use it)
> I don't make that many calls, so $100 per year covers my entire usage. This
> is significantly cheaper than any other service that I've ever found.  It is
> pretty much voice-only, but these days open wifi networks are pretty easy to
> find.
> To transfer my service from my old $20 clamshell to the N900, all I had to
> do was take the SIM card out of the old device and slide it into the new
> device.  That's it.  No other configuration.
> The Maemo linux distribution on the N900 is pretty neat.  There are not too
> many phones out there that have a terminal icon on the home screen (with
> full unlocked root access) in it's default install.  Since it is based on
> debian, all the normal programs like ssh and vim are just an apt-get away.
>  The N900 is the last in a line of at least 3 mini-tablet/pda devices (the
> N700/N800 did not have phone support) that run Maemo.  Nokia has
> unfortunately always treated this line as a "bastard child" threatening to
> replace gtk with qt, deb with rpm, rewrite the whole software gui, etc...  I
> have always been a gtk/Debian fan, so I'm never planning on changing from
> Maemo to Meegoo - especially now that Nokia has ditched Meegoo as well.
> --
Nokia hasn't totally ditched MeeGo yet (and hopefully this doomed for
failure trist w/ redmond ends soon enough that it never does).  We are due
another device later this year, and hopefully this time its full band
instead of euro/tmobile only, or maybe (even better in my books but
unlikely) non-cellular.  They are also still opening new hiring slots (see
their linkedin profile) for QT and MeeGo.

Plus, despite their recent dabbling with the dark side, they've announced
that they are gonna give the N900 a lot more love regarding MeeGo:


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