[SATLUG] phone recommendations

Borries Demeler demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
Wed Mar 9 12:28:29 CST 2011

Thanks to all who responded on this thread. I am stuck with Verizon since
they are the only outfit providing service in remote locations of Montana,
where I need it a lot.

Right now I have a family plan that costs me $100 incl. all taxes and
fees for all lines, but data is not included, texting is unlimited.
We never go over the voice limit since all calls to mobile devices -
essentially all calls for us - are not counted against our limit. I ended
up getting a very basic phone (Samsung convoy) which is not fancy but
is shock and dust resistant. And, even though the service guy said it
couldn't do this, I can use it as a dial up modem to get internet and to
fax from my linux laptop using regular airtime, without a plan! Using a
USB cable (came with the phone) I can hook up over ppp. While this is
not 4G, it is good to have out there in Montana when nothing else is
available :-) -and it is free (on nights and weekends).


> I just bought an LG Optimus V for Virgin Mobile.
> The phone costs $149 and it runs Android 2.2.
> $25 per month gives you unlimited data and 400 minutes talk with No
> Contract.
> I am very impressed with it.  It is my first smartphone and It syncs up
> great with all my Google Accounts (naturally).
> 3G, WiFi, Skype, Twitter, Facebook, and Apps galore in the Android store.
> Frankly, I love it.
> You'll have to do the comparison for number of phones at $25 ea/month versus
> what you pay now.  But it is something to consider.
> Virgin Mobile runs on the Sprint network.
> Cheers,
> Greg
> On Sun, Mar 6, 2011 at 6:48 AM, Borries Demeler <demeler at biochem.uthscsa.edu
> > wrote:
> > Thanks to Bruce we have a good tablet review. I'm planning to get a new
> > phone. When it comes to phones I have always opted for the bare minimum.
> > Now there is a dizzying array of phones available when you renew your
> > contract with Verizon. So far, I have always used a phone just for
> > talking.  I rarely use it for texting (I think I sent 10 text messages
> > in my life), and I don't use it for Internet or GPS, listening to music
> > (which I rarely do), email, computing, or god forbid, watching movies. I
> > consider all of these applications basically useless on a phone, because
> > there are better devices for each task.
> >
> > I don't need the mobility part either. However, there is one thing I can
> > see value in: wifi. At my work, phone reception sucks inside the building,
> > however, I got good wifi. Since I have a skype number, it would be great
> > if I could switch to skype when I am at work. I also would like to use
> > ssh/scp over wifi to backup my contact list and transfer pictures I
> > take with the phone.  A workable touch screen keyboard would be nice,
> > as would be compact size.
> >
> > So here is the question: What phone can I get WITHOUT a data plan that
> > supports wifi, skype and scp/ssh? All I have is a basic 700 minute family
> > share plan, which we never use up, and I don't want to pay for something
> > I have essentially no need for. When I go to the Verizon shop they talk
> > your ear off, I just want to know what phone may work for me and what I
> > should stay away from. If anyone has a good experience with a particular
> > phone that may meet my needs please let me know.
> >
> > Thanks! -Borries
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