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Thu Mar 10 13:14:38 CST 2011


I'm hoping that someone here can help shed some light on what the heck
has caused any Belkin KVMs to freak out when I bring them home.

My current configuration is that I have a Belkin Omniview Pro 8 port
PS/2 KVM connected to several machines:

1 Linux box aka "littleblackbox" via a PS/2 to USB adapter (embedded
platform, native PS/2 not available), running Ubuntu Server 8.04LTS
(yeah, it's old, upgrade is on "the list")
Another linux box running Ubuntu 10.04 and connected via PS/2 on the motherboard
A Windows XP box (yeah, I know, boo hiss and all that) also connected
via hardware PS/2 ports
A testbed box that is giving me fits
another Linux box running Centos 5
Another Windows XP box

So far, I've noticed that regardless of which machine I'm on, the KVM
will randomly freeze up and will require a manual reset via the front
panel control.  The testbed was in the middle of an install when I
noticed the below message in the installer syslog:

atkbd.c spurious ACK on isa0060/serio0 input AT Translated Set 2
keyboard on isa0060/serio0

Once this message pops up in syslog, I have to manually reset the KVM.
 Something of note is that when this happens, the keyboard's hotkey
(Scroll Lock) stops responding.

Unfortunately in Windows, I am given no such helpful information, only
the keyboard stops working but ironically the mouse works. I can VNC
to the box so I know that the box itself isn't locked up.  This
behaviour has been witnessed on the linux hosts that have X installed
but for any CLI-only box, I have no way to tell.

I've replaced the keyboard and mouse, cables and even the KVM
(borrowed one from a friend) and it still continues to happen.  Some
research seems to indicate that 2.6 kernels freak these things out,
but all I've seen is forum chatter and nothing formal and concrete.

Have any of you guys experienced this issue? Did you manage to find
out how to fix it? Better yet, anyone know where I could score a cheap
8 port PS/2 KVM that doesn't do this to my computers or at the least a
six port if there is such a beast?  I've considered a USB style KVM as
these are much cheaper however some embedded platforms don't have the
luxury of USB and I'm really weary about how *nix boxes would handle
the disconnecting/reconnecting repeatedly of devices.

Thank you in advance


You say the freeze randomly happens, that stumps me. but being involved with the PS2 KB connections I would suspect a worn KB input plug if you can track it to a certain box.

I don't have a solution for you but in using a 4port PS-2KVM I have found that it does sometimes freeze if I shut a box down and leave the sw set to that box. If I immediately move the sw to a diff box as soon as the shut down is begun it does not freeze, but you have to be quick. My sw is not a belkin.

On another note I did buy a USB sw and it does work fine except that I love my old IBM clicky KB and this KB does not work at all through the USB port, keys randomly repeat or just do not print. I normally use only two of the boxes often, so I put up with the prob. Newer cheap KBs work fine.

I know about the tangle of cables my four port produces, I shudder at the thought of managing an 8port. lol I did use whiteout and painted the cable sw # on all the four ends.
Good luck, 


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