[SATLUG] The PDF Print Out Map to Rackspace in always on XCSSA

Thomas Weeks tweeksjunk2 at theweeks.org
Sat Mar 12 22:26:38 CST 2011

Hey all..

Someone posted the wrong map earlier (to an alternate room at Rackspace).  The 
building folks changed the SATLUG and XCSSA meetings from rm2058 to all of 
them being held in the Racker Rally Room (where the Dec mixer and other XCSSA 
meetings have been).

The CORRECT PDF print out map to have in hand for the Racker Rally Room venue 
is always pointed to on the XCSSA page here:
and general directions here:

Though Fredrik (new  pres of XCSSA) could change the web links.. that PDF link 
will probably always be the same. (though if the room changes, the same print 
out will probably get you past the guards).

Hope that helps.

Someone at SATLUG should probably link to the live PDF map doc on XCSSA (there 
are some small corrections I need to make, so a link from SATLUG would be best 
and always current).


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