Re: [SATLUG] Open Source Fest ?

hc at hc at
Mon Mar 14 19:43:24 CDT 2011

> What about a transition to FOSS roadmap / flow chart?

+1 on this type of aid, here are my thoughts as a newbie changing over 4yrs ago. I live isolated, alone and only help available is over the DSL connect.

I would think this would be very valuable at least to me it would have been when I was trying to escape from MS/WP greed, wondering if I should shell out the perodic $xxx.xx outlay each year. 

I do think the Virus impact has lessoned. However, I listen to KMPC/techbytes (20:00Wed start, two hr call in help desk) and a large % of in-calls are impact from virus or malware. So I would guess it is still about 25% of repair efforts and even higher in the nuisance irritation. As a long time user, I was able to know when the prob was an infestation but a forced stop of production/use in order to scan. isolate and kill the damn thing never failed to stress me with impotent anger.

Also the direct benefit to me is the freedom that the safty of Linux and the availability to OWN a huge library of written tested code that perform many helpful functions, literally at my mouse tip. LOL I have gained enough confidence that I now do use the CLI, but I have problems remembering the code syntax and archaic labels so i am slow and nervous in using it.

I do find the search to locate what I need is a burden at times. This is mostly from not knowing enough to form a query to Google or trouble filtering the data to find solutions that work.

I think the fear of losing all the accumulated data mysteriously stored inside that machine in doing the changeover is the biggest factor that Satlog can offer relief from. I failed for several attempts to get a working install of Linux tunning and i only succeeded 4yrs ago because I found SATLUG that is mainly the reason i try to participate on the list. I can no longer drive, getting old and fragile. This is really the only chance that I own to payback. 

I think to promise support to the potential newcomer that as long as they can manage to use EM contact they can get real help, sometimes close to instant but always within a few hours if anyone reading the list recognizes that they may be able to give some help or advice on how to get help so almost always a response.

Any how, wish I could attend and participate but I just cannot travel very far anymore, I hope this helps a bit.

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