[SATLUG] Open Source Fest ?

Nate pixelnate at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 21:23:03 CDT 2011

On 3/14/11 7:39 PM, mark wrote:
> I would agree that its easier to sell individual programs than the whole
> OS. But we do get people that bring infected XP and Windows 7 machines
> to the SAC CIS computer lab all the time, seriously all the time. Maybe
> its because they don't know how to safely use their computers but it
> doesn't change the fact that it wouldn't be happening if they weren't
> using Windows.
> The Virus/Malware/Trojan argument is valid, but you're right. It isn't
> as effective as it is valid.

You might want to enlighten them about how viruses get on their 
machines, i.e. their surfing habits, too. It really amazes me how little 
Joe Sixpack knows about how to use their computers.


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