[SATLUG] Open Source Fest ?

Christopher Connell connell.christopher at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 11:08:10 CDT 2011

Know it is all over the web but do we have most commonly used BASH commands on SATLUG? Might be an interesting presentation as well.

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> I would like to see a presentation on how switching to Linux or F/LOSS
> can lower IT costs for businesses. Why should a small business with less
> then 20 employees need Active Directory don't know but many small
> businesses are doing just that?  Why do these same businesses use
> Exchange when they should be using something like Zimbra for half the
> price.  Example a perpetual license from Zimbra for 15 users costs $840
> with MS exchange the standard edition of exchange 2010 costs $699 plus
> $67 per CAL.  Assuming 15 users thats and additional $1005 plus the $699
> just for the package.  Given the current economy these are the things we
> should be talking about.

I tried to do this at one of the businesses that I helped found.  The
biggest push back was related to office and (initially) email access.  When
you are working with a group accustomed to a certain work method
(outlook/word), disrupting that is a challenge.  I had all of the office
support staff with desktops on Linux, as Firefox was familiar, OOo was
"compatible-enough" and familiar enough to get by.  The "earners" all ran
Windows laptops (I tried but could not get them to give).  I outsourced
Zimbra hosting, along with SugarCRM and KnowlegeTree document management, as
I did not have the staff or desire to host Exchange/SharePoint, and this
was much cheaper and more feature full.  Zimbra Desktop worked as
a stand-in for outlook in most cases where user did not want to use the AJAX
interface or needed offline mail access.

I had to pick up Webex Remote Support to manage the laptops, as they
traveled and I needed a way to push patches and provide seamless remote
support to those users, and it was awesome.for that.

On the other hand, the back-end servers running Linux were no problem, as
Samba looks like windows.  I ran SUSE, as Yast made my like easy and works
the same over SSH or via X.

The low hanging fruit that I feel really good about was the phone system.
 It was a RHEL box running Asterisk, built out with a PoE switch and Polycom
VOIP PoE handsets. I outsourced this to Fonality and all in cost less than
$250 per user station, and those more progressive folks could use a
Softphone and Headset and have a full-on corporate phone extension wherever
they were (Call transfer, Hold, conference bridging, and other full-call
management features).  It was awesome.  Had a full IVR system and much more
functionality than the Cisco, Avaya, or Nortel systems that cost 2x-3x more

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