[SATLUG] Open Source Fest ?

Christopher Connell connell.christopher at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 15 15:46:21 CDT 2011

Anyone think at OSFest, it is worth mentioning that most supercomputers run linux. Including jeopardy champion Watson. Or bringing up an end to BSOD.

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Yes lime-wire or bit-torrent apps are on about 95% of the infected
machines that come in. I remember doing a job for a small company which
included virus/malware removal on one of their machines. They asked me
what programs they could run to remain virus free. I recommended a
couple of security apps but told them the biggest thing they could do
was stop  running bit-torrent (they were). I got a call from the guy who
got me the job (he was also an IT professional) a little later saying
that I had not completely removed the infection. I asked him to check if
they were running bit-torrent again and he said yes. So I told him that
he was wrong. I informed him that if they continued using bit-torrent to
download questionable material (they were downloading music, apps and
other copyrighted material) they would continue getting infections.

The job taught me that many IT people out there as bad as the users.

On Tue, 2011-03-15 at 06:00 -0500, Christopher Connell wrote:
> I a lot of people pick up visuses from P2P sites e.g. Limewire. As for SPSS alternatives PSPP works really well. But a student version is included in many stat textbooks. 
> So the other alternative is to offer windows compatiable programs compiled like open disc or have a few locking flashdrives to drag and drop foss alternatives.
> Ps- Was exhausted after work and went to bed early will send out other software suggestions when off. Who knew working at Toyota plant would be so tiring.
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> On 3/14/11 7:39 PM, mark wrote:
> > I would agree that its easier to sell individual programs than the whole
> > OS. But we do get people that bring infected XP and Windows 7 machines
> > to the SAC CIS computer lab all the time, seriously all the time. Maybe
> > its because they don't know how to safely use 

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