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Enrique Sanchez esanchezvela.satlug at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 18:00:38 CDT 2011

On Thu, Mar 17, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Liz Hare <doggene at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Hi Borries,
> Thanks so much for your quick response.
>> I am using Time Warner cable and my cable modem supports DHCP - I don't
>> need
>> Time Warner to support Linux in order to use it. What specifically do you
>> need from ATT that is only available under Windows? It would seem their
>> service would be similar, i.e., supporting DHCP on a cable or DSL modem.
> Well, I'm using GRML and it's not detecting anything. I've tried using all
> the tools like grml-network, and I'm not able to get connected. I contacted
> tech support at AT&T and they wouldn't talk to me at all about "unsupported
> hardware" and suggested that I contact some affiliated company that would
> charge me for tech support. I was really hoping they had some kind of
> document with configuration information. I haven't been able to find a good
> HOWTO or anything.
> Thanks,
> Liz
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I believe we should be able to help, we just need to know how are you
trying to connect to the DSL service, or maybe you could call ATT
again and ask how to connect a "single device" to the DSL service, be
it a computer or a "DSL router", at this point, don't tell them your
computer is running Linux, if they ask, you are running Windows for
all they care or Mac, just to throw their numbers off a little bit.

I would assume they are providing you with a Coaxial connection
and a Cable-Modem (owned by ATT and leased as part of the service
contract) but I don't know, or they might be providing you a line
splitter which connects to the telephone line and splits the data from
the voice service and the DSL service is run directly to your
computer, again, each service is different.

once the computer or device is connected to the DSL service, we need
to find out how are they providing you access to their network, some
companies require you to use a userid/password combo before they let
the flood gates open, the question I'd ask is whether you need "Point
to Point (or PPP) authentication " or anything like that, It's been
ages since I last had to use it but being ATT it does not surprise me,
maybe not.  If not, all you need is to connect your Linux box to the
DSL service and make sure your network card is setup to be a DHCP
client, which is pretty much the default these days.

If your network card is setup to be a DHCP client and they do not have
any particular requirements like (PPP authentication), then all you
need to do is to connect the PC to the DSL line and navigate away...

if not.,,, then we need to do some work.


Enrique Sanchez Vela

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