[SATLUG] ISP for Small Business with Linux

scs at worldlinkisp.com scs at worldlinkisp.com
Thu Mar 17 18:40:31 CDT 2011

> I am just setting up a Linux machilbne for research applications and 
> discovering that ATT doesn't support DSL for Linux, and I haven't been 
> able to find any work-arounds., <SNIP>
> What ISPs are people in SA using with Linux?
>> I am using Time Warner cable and my cable modem supports DHCP - I don't 
>> need Time Warner to support Linux in order to use it. What specifically 
>> do you need from ATT that is only available under Windows? It would seem 
>> their service would be similar, i.e., supporting DHCP on a cable or DSL 
>> modem.   -borries
You should merely plug in your desktop/laptop/router into the DSL or Cable
modem, setup your OS network application for DHCP, plug your CAT5 cable or
USB cable into the modem and be good to go.  I do this regularly when in
San Antonio using friends att.net DSL and TimeWarner Road Runner.
If you still have trouble try another Live Linux version.  HTH Lou

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