[SATLUG] ISP for Small Business with Linux

Kyle outcastk at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 17 16:42:47 CDT 2011

I've got regular ATT DSL and I've had no problems(Debian-based and Fedora). Not 
sure if switching to the business class would change much other then they 
probably give you a Service Level Agreement, a higher bill, and a static IP. 
Them saying they don't support it is just their way of saying if you have tech 
problems related to settings on your box, you're going to have to fix it 
yourself or they'll refer you to a fee based department of their's. My 2 
cents(from Tier 1 for Uverse). 

By the way, starting April 1st I believe, ATT is going to cap (regular) DSL at 
150 GB/month and (regular) Uverse at 250 GB/month. Extra $10 for another 50/GB 
after that. Not sure if that will affect your decision or not.


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I am just setting up a Linux machine for research applications and discovering 
that ATT doesn't support DSL for Linux, and I haven't been able to find any 

It doesn't look like Clear supports Linux, but I'm not sure if you can work 
around it.

What ISPs are people in SA using with Linux?

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