[SATLUG] ISP for Small Business with Linux

Liz Hare doggene at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 18 11:40:12 CDT 2011

Wow, thanks everyone for all your responses. I'll try to get to all the 
issues raised on one email.

DSL is already set up here-- I have a Windows machine on it now. I have 
a Netgear DSL modem/router. So I don't have to deal with the activation 
issues lots of Linux users have. I have the ethernet plugged in for now, 
and am trying to configure it rather than wireless for now.

Your messages have given me the encouragement that I can figure this 
out, even though I've already spent more than a day researching it with 
Google and all kinds of other resources.

I don't have a lot of flexibility about which distribution to use. I am 
blind and need to use screen-reading software (Speakup, 
http://linux-speakup.org/projects.html), and need a distribution with it 
integrated into the kernel. I also need a recent distribution because I 
need a recent version of ALSA to deal with the intel onboard/integrated 
soundcard on my motherboard. So I'm using GRML to install Debian (and 
then will have to update ALSA in Debian).

Thanks so much for all the time you took in your responses.


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